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Location States or Territories Type Postcode
Affau St. St. Akwa Ibom urban 520221
Kwajaffa Road Rd. Borno urban 600243
Kwajaffa Road Rd. Borno urban 600244
Chieftaincy Affairs Jigawa urban 720281
Fed. Mins. Of Internal Affairs Kebbi urban 870231
Fed. Mins. Of Internal Affairs Kebbi urban 870221
Min. of Internal Affairs Taraba urban 660213
Women Affairs Commission Taraba urban 660213
Shaffa Wuyaku Borno rural 603105
Shaffa Borno rural 603106
Amaozalla Enugu rural 401119
Amofia Enugu rural 401119
Amokwu Enugu rural 401119
Ikono Enugu rural 401119
Inoyi Enugu rural 401119
Obinagu Afia Enugu rural 401119
Ogor Enugu rural 401119
Umukoloma Enugu rural 401119
Affa FCT rural 903102
Mai-Gagaffa Jigawa rural 733101
Kaffar Yamma Jigawa rural 731101
Shaffa Abakwa Nasarawa rural 962106
Shaffan Kwato Nasarawa rural 962106
Baffan Niger rural 923103
Kaffa Sokoto rural 843102
Affa Enugu facility 401002

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